We at Ivory Imaginations believe in the power of dreams and the passion to accomplish it. We believe that all of us are born with a talent, a super power which some of us realize and some of us are yet to realize. We aren’t talking about the Caped Crusaders but people like you and me who are born with a talent. Maybe you see in a frame that no one else does, maybe you hear music in every sound you hear, maybe a face inspires you to create a sketch every time. Sometimes a person drawn to art is unable to decipher what makes him gravitate towards it. How would you explain a doctor’s family being blessed with a brilliant wildlife photographer, or a journalist who has a sketch artist bubbling to burst into expressions. The only explanation we have for all of this is that maybe this is your super power, the power to impact the world, bend the rules and change people’s perspectives. Ivory Imaginations is an attempt to bring to fore such artists who were born with the ability to see the world differently and create something new on the ivory sheet. We bring you the stories and works of untrained but self taught and even the trained but unknown artists in this website. You can get inspired by them, buy their art work or Share them and help us spread the message of love and contentment through art.